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MensHealth Cover May17
TRX Duo Trainer Featured in Men's Health 04.24.17 Destacado en The TRX Duo Trainer was featured in Men's Health "Workout Gear" section. Read full article here.
SBG Cover April17
SGB Media Features TRX's Marketing Campaign 04.24.17 Destacado en SGB Media features TRX's "first fully integrated marketing campaign". Read full article here.
BostonGlobe Feb17
The Boston Globe Promotes TRX Go 04.11.17 Destacado en This Boston Globe article promotes the TRX Go's versatility and portability while traveling. 
TheBox April17 Features TRX Duo Trainer 04.11.17 Destacado en One of CrossFit's most popular digital media sites is featuring the TRX Duo Trainer workout video with Kelly Starrett. Check out the full video and write up here.
BusinessInsider April17
TRX Featured on Business Insider 04.05.17 Destacado en What do NFL athletes, supermodels, and the US Army all have in common? They all swear by TRX...and you should too!! Read full article here.
WOSS Trial
TRX Wins $6.8 Million 03.30.17 Destacado en TRX Wins $6.8 Milion Federal Court Judgment for Wilful Patent and Trademark Infringement. Read full press release here.
GQ April17
TRX Featured in GQ 03.29.17 Destacado en The TRX Suspension Trainer was featured in GQ's "6 Pull-Up Alternatives to Help You Bust Through Plateaus" article. Read full article here.
WomensHealth April17
TRX Duo Trainer Featured in Women's Health 03.28.17 Destacado en The TRX Duo Trainer was featured in the April issue of Women's Health. Read the full article on how to refresh your home-gym workouts. 
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Shape March17
Shape Magazine Features TRX For Women 03.21.17 Noticias + Eventos de TRX Shape Magazine speaks to what TRX workouts can do for women. Read full article here.
Muscle and Fitness MarchApril17
TRX Featured in Muscle & Fitness 20 Minute... 03.21.17 Noticias + Eventos de TRX Muscle & Fitness featured TRX in their 20 Minute Time Saver Workout. Got a few minutes? Read on for some quick exercises to get you going. 
Kelly Starrett SweatRX Jan17
Kelly Starret & TRX Duo Trainer Featured... 01.27.17 Noticias + Eventos de TRX SweatRX features Kelly Starrett as he speaks on the TRX Duo Trainer. Learn more about how Starrett and TRX started working together to create the Duo Trainer here.
Muscle & Performance 2 Jan 17
TRX Featured in Muscle & Performance 01.23.17 Noticias + Eventos de TRX TRX was featured twice in Muscle & Performance's January 2017 issue. Click here to read about a few more TRX moves to get you going in the New Year. 
Muscle & Performance Jan 17
TRX Featured in Muscle & Performance 01.23.17 Noticias + Eventos de TRX Muscle & Performance features a workout consisting of four standard TRX moves gone wild. Click here for some moves that will get every inch of your body working. 
Club Solutions November16
Club Solutions: TRX's Chris Frankel Speaks... 11.23.16 Noticias + Eventos de TRX Chris Frankel, Head of Human Performance at TRX, speaks with Club Solutions about TRX and functional training. Click here to read more from Frankel.
Men's Health_Oct16
Forge Big Shoulders - They carry a hefty... 11.23.16 Noticias + Eventos de TRX People carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. So we have to take care of them. Men's Health highlighted these shoulder specific exercises to strengthen, prevent injury, and improve your profile in that t-shirt.
Women's Health October 2016
TRX Yoga Featured in Women's Health... 10.05.16 Noticias + Eventos de TRX Using the TRX Suspension Trainer for yoga is like having a teacher spot you through every pose. Click here to learn more.